About Us

PopSockets Grip were invented in 2012 in Boulder, Colorado, by our now-Chairman-of-the-Board David Barnett. To help fund and publicize his nascent company, David started a Kickstarter campaign which proved to be extremely successful, thanks in part to the ludicrous video David made to extol the virtues of PopSockets Grip. We want to thank all our Kickstarter backers for their early support. After some delays, PopSockets.com went live in January 2014. 

Since then, PopSockets products sales have been growing exponentially, including the addition of a global network of partners and stores. In Australia and New Zealand PopSockets products are exclusively distributed by J&M Communications Pty Ltd.

Some people initially think that PopSockets Grip look strange, but after they try PopSockets Grip, a common reaction is, "I don't know how I ever held my phone without a PopSockets Grip. "We're so happy to have a growing loyal fan base -- it's because of them that we have a worthwhile, valued product.

We also appreciate the fact that NPR called PopSockets Grip "cool" way back in 2012. PopSockets Grip won the WIRED "Fueling Innovation" contest sponsored by Mercedes-Benz in 2013. USA Today named PopSockets Grip among "the coolest tech you have to see" at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in 2015. And recently the Wall Street Journal said that PopSockets Grip are the best compact smartphone support they've seen

In January 2016, we sold our millionth PopSockets Grip. In February 2016, we were the first recipient of the Fit For Real Life Seal Of Approval. What will come next? 

After the PopSockets.com store went live, many of David’s friends and family independently had the same Eureka moment: “Have you ever thought about selling PopSockets Grip in stores?" To which David responded, “Wow. I never considered selling my product in a store. Thank you, friends and family. You are the wind beneath my wings.” And into the wind he went, selling his first PopSockets Grip in the Into the Wind store in Boulder in the summer of 2014.

The PopSockets office is located at 5765 Arapahoe Avenue in Boulder. We're in an industrial area, near auto repair places, the old Avery Brewery location, the yummy Chocolove factory, and (this being Colorado) marijuana grow warehouses. It's not as glamorous as our previous Pearl Street Mall location, but we needed way more space to support our growing business. For all those PopSockets Grip fans out there: thank you for your continued support! And if you haven't tried PopSockets Grip yet: what are you waiting for?